Technology is the most powerful tool to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

In the wake of COVID-19, a digital transformation that enables an
inclusive and sustainable recovery is needed.

Our Theory of Change as our North Star.

Aware that the real impact is generated by our entrepreneurs, with them we define,
measure and achieve our social impact goals.

Increased business revenues


Late-payment rate reduction


Increase or start of savings


Improved education


Together we can build an informal economy that has access to the same products and services as the most developed countries.

Our principles for designing social technology.

Aware of the barriers and limitations existent when developing technology solutions for informal economies, we count with
our clients as an integral part of our design process.

We accept our bias

We take for granted that we are influenced by our context. Leaving our judgements behind, we open our hearts and eyes through observation.

We observe local habits

Every country is a small universe. We adapt to the habits of each community and analyze their current relationship with technology.

We adapt to the existing infrastructure

Where do we start from? Each microfinance institutions has its digital level and unique circumstances. We draw a specific plan to connect and make the most of our complementary technology.

We lean on the youth

We identify the most technological agents in each community. Their support enables us to better bridge the digital divide between generations.

We broaden our impact

We rely on existing channels, such as WhatsApp, in order to reach more people and improve our results.

We continuously ask for feedback

We are not perfect, we are human. Our feedback loops as greatly valued as they empower us to solve challenges, improve our product and create a sense of community.