58% decrease in late payments through this app

We design tech solutions to attract and manage microfinance institutions’ clients.



Experts in LATAM: we are present in Perú, Nicaragua, México and Costa Rica


% Retention Rate

With our technology, microfinance institutions retain their best and most wanted clients



We access and boost thousands of microentrepreneurs looking to improve their businesses


% Active Users

Through our channels we communicate and engage daily with a large part of our clients

The more prepared and accompanied your borrowers are,
the healthier your portfolio and profitability.

Our app is a one-stop-shop for the various needs of a micro-entrepreneur in the informal economy.
A methodology that merges credit management, education and mentorship.

Peer-to-peer Online Learning

Tips, tricks and inspiration from other micro-entrepreneurs on how to manage and grow the business. Contextual, localized and to the point. 


Credit application and follow-up. Updated payment calendar, payment reminders and the possibility of requesting a next credit through a simple click.

Support and Mentorship

Mentors accompany each of the app users through WhatsApp conversations. We sensitize and support in order to boost the client and his/her business.

To reduce defaults, you have to provide an added value beyond credit.

The microfinance sector has little loyalty among its clients, since they hardly differentiate among competitors. With Ada this changes. Microfinance institutions using our digital solutions show their clients that they care about their well-being and progress.

We are the first online university created by microentrepreneurs for microentrepreneurs, resulting in content adapted to their context, language and knowledge. In addition, we go one step further and begin to formalize the business through the digitization of the business accounts.

Community generation is a key-driver where the micro-entrepreneur feels part of something larger and the microfinance entity increases retention.

As a microfinance organization you find yourself transforming from a transactional entity towards having a personal relationship with your customers. Today, we retain more than 80% of our borrowers.

Alejandro de León, CEO and Founder, MICROWD

Clients and partners who trust us.

Some companies we work with and who
believe in our methodology:

Cáritas Perú


A team that has been designing solutions for the base of the pyramid for over 10 years.

We believe in the power of technology with human warmth.
There is a story in every line of our code.


Alexa Varsavsky


Isabel Oriol


Adrián Fernández


Alejandro Senior


David Rebollo


Berta de León